So, as I was saying,
My life totally changed when my first little one was born. She looked so adorable and innocent; I didn't think she could cause such mayhem, but I was wrong. They say nothing prepares you for parenthood, and I was no exception. Being a parent is a full-time job, but it wasn’t my full-time job.
I ran my own business from home, and my husband worked full time too. I looked after the house, paid the bills, and made meals. My new arrival made keeping on top of everything really hard work.
One evening after finally getting her down to sleep, I crashed on the sofa exhausted. I picked up my phone and started to browse about all thing babies and how to cope with them.
They say, babies, eat, sleep, cry and fill their diapers. Well, I needed help with all of that. I started to search for ideas that would help; it was hard work, but eventually, I started to find a few. After a bit of research and reading reviews, I decided to buy my first product. It was a revolutionary baby bed that was said to mimic the womb. It really did help my little girl sleep and me to get some rest too, phew!
Right, I thought, now for bathing time. I was always worried about accidentally hurting her, so I looked for something that could help keep her safe, that’s when I sourced the bathing flower, another winner.
So that was sleeping, and bathing sorted, now. What about all those other tasks like changing, feeding and going out with her. I felt such a sense of joy every time I found something that could help me. Not everything I tried was a winner but with trial and error. I was soon getting my life organised. I had more energy and time for myself, my girl, my husband and friends. Dare I say, I even got the chance to catch up on some box sets binging. Suddenly being a new mom wasn’t so daunting.
I talked to my other new mom friends about this, and they too found some of the products very useful. I thought surely. If we were getting these great benefits and our lives were becoming easier, then other parents out there would love to try some of these products too. So, with the help and support of my family and friends, I decided to set up Mollie Coddle, an online store for innovative baby products to help the modern parent.
I hope you like it. If you have any great ideas, or if you have anything, you could do with some help with, then fill out our contact form. I am sure all of us here at Mollie Coddle can help.

How do we keep prices so low for you?

Mollie Coddle operates as an online store only, with no high street presence. Our customer service is conducted online with minimal dedicated staff and no expensive call centres,  All our staff are family members and friends who have a love and passion for providing baby products with the best of service. We source products from all over the world and rely on group shipping, this allows us to keep our stock levels low and offer free shipping in most cases. We also believe in minimising product packaging. This cuts costs, keeps shipping costs down and reduces waste. We do all this so we can provide you with the very best products at the lowest possible price.